The Whisper Of The Steps

«The whisper of the steps» – it is a film about nowadays and memories, death and live, about despair and happiness. It is a story about the Park of memory on the Baikove cemetery, and about mosaic pool «Dawns and constellations» that is located in front of the Palace of Pioneers.
About amazing life of painter Vladimir Melnychenko and his endless love story with Ada Rybachuk. About their life-long common work. About idea that «To love is not to look at one another, it is to look, together, in the same direction».

Ada passed away in 2010. However, Vladimir still hears her voice and footsteps. He works in their workshop, managing archive, which is enough to create a whole museum. He is making new masterpieces, and every work he signs with two names.

A documentary film – story about life and art of remarkable Ukrainian monumental artists Ada Rybachuk and Vladimir Melnychenko, whose main work – The Wall of Memory on the Baikove cemetery was ruined by soviet regime after 13 years of daily painstaking work of the artists…


Director — Ksenia Kravtsova
Director of Photography — Vladislav Nechiporenko
Screenwriter — Inokentii Vyrovyi

Composer — Kyrylo Tomashevsky

Post-production — Dmitro Chaika
Sound designers — Dmitro Knyazhechenko, Ilya Popil
Motion Designer — Taras Sainyuk
Photogrpher — Nelya Pustovoit
Aerial photography operator — Roman Yelensky
Designer — Stanislav Nizamov