Baltic Black Sea Council For The Consensus Practices Studies. Director’s cut
Individuals who left a mark in history by changing its’ course. Stanislav Shushkevich, Gennady Burbulis and Leonid Kravchuk. In 1991 these people put an end to the history of the USSR.
Today, within the framework of the Baltic-Black Sea Council, they are again at the forefront of geopolitical processes. Their voices must be heard.
We present the director’s cut of the Baltic-Black Sea Forum video trailer.

Agency — Royal Advertising
Production — Friedrichstrasse Production
Art Director — Innokenty Vyrovoy
Film Director — Ksenia Kravtsova
Director of Photography — Vladyslav Nechyporenko
Sound — Elisaveta Kirillova
Voice — Sergei Solopai
Visual Effects Designer — Valentin Miroshnikov
Translator — Yevhenia Polschikova